A lot of people have the mistaken notion that cutting down on intake and losing calories is enough to keep one’s weight down. The truth is, gaining weight is easier than losing weight. The more you exercise and lose weight, the more the body adjusts its metabolism. The less you eat, the slower your metabolism gets and your weight loss comes to a stop. That is the reason why Dr. William S. Gruss, a well-respected Internist and Cardiologist, came up with Thinner-U, an all-natural diet supplement clinically proven to be good for the heart and is sure to let you lose 30 lbs. in 90 days, easily and safely.

Tests done to a group under a normal weight-loss diet showed that at the end of a 90-day period, their weight dropped a whopping 30 lbs!!!  They experienced a 25% reduction in their cholesterol levels and a 33% reduction in their triglycerides.  They also noticed that their waists decreased by 14% and all these with NO Negative side effects!!! That’s because Thinner-U has a unique combination of an All-Natural, Ultimate Weight Loss and Detox formula.  It contains a rare green tea compound that is easily absorbed and works fast to prevent the enzyme COMT (catechol-O-methyl transferase) from slowing down the rate of metabolism in your body.  It makes your metabolism active so you burn more calories.  With a clinical dosage of 300mg daily as proven in a double-blind scientific clinical trial, it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduces waistline size. It has 20% more antioxidant than the regular green tea. The formulation also has a proprietary formula containing 950mg NAC that activates the production of glutathione, a super antioxidant that carries fat-causing toxins away from the body.  This is important because continuous exposure to toxins will easily deplete the body’s supply of glutathione which is the most important detoxifier and antioxidant that the body needs. NAC has also been known to stabilize levels of insulin to keep you healthier.


Stress will always be around and it can be difficult to control stress but the effects of stress can be controlled by Ashwaganda, another ingredient in Thinner-U.  Having been used for thousands of years, Ashwaganda is the most valued Indian herb that protects one from the ill-effects of stress such as fatigue, weight-gain and difficulty in sleeping. You to eat better, sleep more soundly and be more alert and energetic in the morning. Thinner-U also contains Gymnema Sylvestre, an ancient Indian herb that counters build-up in the cells. It stops blood-sugar from turning into fat and banishes weight-gain caused by stress.

Thinner-U has no caffeine and no dangerous ingredients. It is safe to use and can be taken for the rest of your life even if only for the health benefits that you will derive from it. Triple your weight loss while dieting and be a thinner, lighter, more attractive you. Get Thinner-U now and enjoy the benefits it brings!