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The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a Preventive Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Dr. Agatston first developed the diet for cardiac and diabetes patients to improve their blood chemistry and help them lose weight. He made the South Beach Diet for people to lose weight as it is for their best interest when it comes to cardiac health and disease prevention.

The South Beach Diet will help you lose weight and keep it off.

You will go through the 3 phases. These will make you jump start your weight loss, eliminate the food cravings, promote steady weight loss until you have reached the desired weight, and enable you to maintain your weight.

With over 1,000 South Beach Diet recipes, you won't have to be bored with what you eat with this weight loss program. New recipes are being made all the time, so your menus shall always be exciting. This is a good thing to have as one of the main reasons why people don't stick to a diet is because it is bland and boring - unlike the South Beach Diet which is nutritionally balanced and delicious tasting!

The South Beach Diet is online and it even has an iPhone app. These ensures you of access to support tools that will enable you to lose weight fast. A few of the support tools are:

Meal Planner
Shopping List Generator
Recipe Finder
Discussion Groups
Dining Out and Fast-Food Guides
Weight Tracker
Free Recipe Widget
Nutrition Counseling
South Beach Diet Fitness Club Workout videos
Online Journal
South Beach Diet Kitchen
Daily Email

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