With this Richard Simmons Project Hope review, lose 5, 10, even 100 pounds the fun way! Project Hope is the complete weight loss system that gets amazing result in 90 days and provides the motivational support to keep on track and stop those unwanted pounds from going back.

Exercise and dieting is the only way to healthy weight loss. One without the other does work but one may end up on the yo-yo cycle of pounds off and pounds off, which is extremely bad for the body and does bring on the blues. Depression because of weight that was lost and regained is one of the major reasons why people give up on losing weight. Another reason why many don't even try anymore to shed the necessary pounds even if their physician has advised it is that the process takes to long and the effort that it takes to go to the gym or do other workout programs is to rigorous.

Most overweight people do have a sedentary lifestyle and after a long time of not exercising, going on an intensive workout and an ultra-strict and boring diets is equivalent to pain and suffering. But, with Richard Simmons Project Hope, the process of losing weight is made fun - and one gets to burn the fat 3x faster than cardio training.

If anyone has ever tried weight loss systems or read the reviews, maybe the others didn't cater to the needs as tackling such tasking routines to shed off 10, 30, or more pounds may look so overwhelmingly difficult.

You may have heard about Richard Simmons, and how he was able to achieve tremendous weight loss, the fun and healthy way, and got to keep it off. He understands what people who need to lose weight are going through - and found ways to help nearly anyone to achieve their ideal body with Project HOPE which means:


Richard Simmons Project Hope has the Triple Training method that enables get rid of the fat faster while getting into the zone. With the unique cardio exercises, toning workouts, in a progressive manner, and the effective fat-burning "cardio bursts", exercising will be something to look forward to as it won't be 'no pain, no gain' as there's a way to ease into this weight loss program and enjoy it, to the point that a person is going to love the fun workouts that last for only 30 minutes or less, and enjoy the visible results like the waist getting smaller, by 10, 20, even 52 inches!

In tandem with the fun workouts, Richard Simmons Project Hope has an electronic FOODMOVER that helps monitor the servings, portion sizes, caloric intake for the day to ensure the healthy and correct intake, a 90-day meal plan that takes the guesswork out of what to eat, food substitutes, tips, and a pocket companion that includes an invaluable eating out guide.

Aside from the workout programs that can be done in the privacy of the home, and the FOODMOVER device which is the high-tech way to monitor food intake, this review's package includes 5 bonuses which are the Success Guide, Rotation Calendars for workouts, 7 Day Blast Off Food Plan that will jump start weight loss, One Month Free Trial Membership to the Web Club, and a 7 Day Supply of V24 PlusVitamins.

It doesn't seem easy to lose weight... yet there is the first step one has to take which to make a decision. And, with the 90-day guarantee and for the low price of 2 payments of $29.99, it's easy to make the decision today.