If you’re tiring of those diet programs that don’t work because you just gain back the pounds you lose after a few weeks, then Kore HCG is for you. Men and women have lost as much as 7 pounds a week, effectively, safely and without exercising. This hormone, found in pregnant women, stimulates the hypothalamus which controls most of the metabolic body functions, signaling the body to burn up the excess fat in places where you need to lose pounds and inches.

In the past, HCG was administered via injections. But now, products like Kore HCG come in the form of oral drops. It is dropped under the tongue, allowing it to be immediately absorbed into the body so it could begin its work.

How does HCG work? In pregnant women, its function is to trigger the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream as food for the growing baby inside. It’s also believed to reset one’s metabolism. When one expends energy, the body first burns up the carbohydrates, then the proteins in the body. Next, it goes after stored fat but most times, it uses up regular fat and not excess fat. That’s why women, for example, see their cheeks losing fat and looking haggard. When you use Kore HCG, muscle tissue does not shrink like it would with other diets; instead the body is directed to use the excess fats. You’ll see yourself losing inches where you need to – thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach.

In small doses, HCG works for both men and women in the battle against obesity. The triggering of the hypothalamus also suppresses one’s appetite so you only get to eat normally and not binge. Some of those who have taken Kore HCG have subsisted on as low as 500 calories a day. That spells a loss of as much as 7 pounds a week. And all these happens without having to exercise.

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