Insanity claims to be the hardest workout on DVD, and believe me it is tough (insane actually), but it is do-able! You don't have to be in peak physical condition to do this workout but you do have to have the mindset, will, and determination to get through the program with success, I can not express that more strongly!

This workout is non stop with very brief breaks, and while other home workout videos allow you to take longer breaks if needed this one completely discourages it. I will say it does help to have some level of fitness because these workouts will exhaust you. Prior to doing Insanity I did P90X, so I was in pretty good shape, but Insanity still challenged me in ways that P90X didn't.

I have friends that simply don't like weight training, they prefer cardio, they like to always be moving and grooving, getting the most blood, sweat and tears from their workout, so to speak. Unfortunately they often sacrifice benefits of weight training by only following a cardio routine. Insanity builds the muscle strength and training right into the cardio workout. So if this sounds like you then I think you will really like this program. Plus if you play any sports Insanity is a great sports training program. I have noticed dramatic increases in my speed and agility on the soccer field.

Ok, now let's be real. All workouts take commitment but this one makes it a little more convenient. It's 6 days a week but each workout takes less than an hour to complete, and the whole program takes only 9 weeks to complete. (The second month of workouts adds 5-10 minutes per workout but still less than an hour each). Plus you don't need any gym equipment or weights, only your own body. Although I suggest using some type of exercise mat for some of the exercises. In addition there is a lot of jumping in the is workout so I suggest a good pair of shoes, and for the ladies an excellent sports bra (Champion Powersleek®). And make no mistake, you will be dripping in sweat so you don't want to do these workouts on your good living room carpet! My cousin and I were doing the program together and we would always joke who had a bigger puddle of sweat on the floor.

The really cool thing about the workout is you can track your progress and test your fitness, literally. There is a fit test you do prior to starting the program and then again in week 2, 5 and 7. I also completed the fit test at the end of the 9 weeks.

There are really only 2 negatives (that I see anyway) with Insanity. First, it is more repetitive than let's say P90X. In the first months you are essentially repeating the same 4 workouts for 4 weeks with a rest day every 7th day, but you do add on an ab routine after 2 weeks. The 5th week is the recovery week where you are doing the same workout each day for 6 days. The second month is 4 new workouts but once again you are repeating those for 4 workouts for 4 weeks. The second month also introduces a new ab routine. However, having said that you never get used to the workouts so they are always a challenge.

The second thing is the people in the video. They are super fit! I don't know about you but I like seeing “regular” people, like me, doing workouts.

There is a nutrition guide that comes with the program but being a vegetarian, and the fact that I like my pizza and beer, I created my own plan but it was really more about tracking my calories as a form of accountability. A bonus about this workout is that you get to increase your calories because you burn so many in the workouts! Good news for those of you, who like me, like to eat!

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