Weighted hoops by Hoopnotica is the fun way to get a sexier body and lose weight fast. Pounds are shed off quickly while working out with this weighted hoops that burn off the unwanted fat.

Hula hoops are fun and belly dancing is too. Both are ways to exercise. There are weight that we use to work out like dumbells and weighted vests. Now if a hula hoop was a bit heavier than normal, using it would be a more intense workout with the same ease of fluid motion.

Hoopnotica has four different kinds of weighted hoops which are the:

It is the exercise equipment that provides an intense cardio workout without the jarring moves or impact that other cardio workout has. It requires no heavy lifting and make the body more flexible. It can be used nearly anywhere like in the park or while watching TV.

One can burn 400 to 600 calories in an hour. People have experienced dramatic weight lose, shedding over 100 pounds. The tummy gets flatter, the waist slimmer, and the body more defined with supple grace like that of a hula dancer. has acclaimed instructional DVD's, professional adult fitness hoops, music, apparel, accessories, classes, teacher training, performance. I lost 150 lbs with Hoopnotica. My Starter Kit was the best $60 I ever spent! Burn 400-600 calories an hour in front of your TV!