There’s now a more effective way to lose that weight and inches in just the right places. The secret is HCG and it is found in HCG Slenderize. HCG, a hormone found in pregnant women, has been proven effective in both women AND males for effective weight loss because it cuts down on your food cravings, signals your body to burn the excess (not the regular) fat, and restore your metabolism rate to its level when you were in your youth.

Now you may think that because this hormone is found in pregnant women, HCG Slenderize is only for women. Absolutely not! Men can take this as well. And this is taken orally, not through injections.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (or HCG for short) is a hormone produced during pregnancy.  It is believed to reset the hypothalamus which then sends a signal to the body to draw out the stored fat and use it for energy production. In this order, the body normally uses first the carbohydrates, then the protein, then fats in energy production. But many times when those are used up, what is burned is regular fat, not the excess and abnormal fat. As a result, you could be losing weight and inches but in the wrong places.

With HCG Slenderize, the body seeks out that abnormal fat where you need to lose pounds and inches and burns that fat when producing energy. At the same time, your appetite is suppressed so you only eat normally without going on an eating binge. You will find yourself going on a 500-calorie diet a day. As a result, even without exercising, you see yourself losing weight day after day – up to 7 pounds a week. And you are shedding inches from the right places too.

Stop all those weight loss programs and fad diets and try HCG Slenderize. You’ll discover what many previously obese people have found as the solution to their weight problems.