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The amazing secret behind HCG Instant Diet is a hormone found in pregnant women. It is believed to help reset the hypothalamus, sending signals to the body so that it starts to use excess fat cells as the source for burning fat. So you may be thinking that other weight reduction programs address fat cells as well but unfortunately many of them affect ALL fat cells, whether excess or not. As a result, you get fat reduction even in places where you don’t want to lose inches. With HCG Instant Diet, only the excess fat cells are targeted, leaving alone deposits of fat needed for energy production and healthy metabolism.


The formulation of HCG Instant Diet includes 3 vital amino acids that optimize fat loss and maintains your body’s nutritional balance. Once the hypothalamus receives signals from it, the body mobilizes the abnormal, hard-to-reach body fat in its storage locations and uses those as energy, suppresses your appetite and keeps you on a 500-calorie diet per day. Your lean muscles remain untouched and you remain able to function normally while losing weight. Watch as the pounds and inches melt away from your body! As much as 7 pounds can be lost in a week, and without exercise needed.

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