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diettogo Customer
Nicole, former Biggest Loser Contestant

You might remember her as one of the Blue Team members. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, when she was taken out from the show, she had lost an astonishing 105 lbs.

In her diettogo testimony, she said that weight loss is never easy and that it's a constant challenge but with diettogo, she knows she can succeed in keeping off the weight she had lost.

Do you ever feel like it's not easy to lose weight?
Have you ever lost a few pounds and gain it all back again?
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What kind of meal plan do you prefer to address a certain health concern such as lowering of cholesterol level? There are 3 menu plans to choose from which are the Low-Fat, Low-Carb, and Vegetarian Meal Plan.

Do you wonder why Nicole is now loyal to diettogo? She did say that weight loss was not easy but with this diet food delivery, she can succeed. It make her life easier and she knows how super challenging that show must have been that many of us can't do. She has admitted to being committed to her weight loss journey with the use of diettogo as you can read in her testimony when you visit the website.

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