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WonderSlim is ideally consumed for 4 weeks. You have the option of buying the food products such as the Diet Snack Bars and Diet Smoothies individually. If you choose to use the 4 week WonderSlim kit, the cost of the diet is equivalent to only $9.08.

Diet Direct WonderSlim is the easy way to diet. No need to prepare the food. Take the guesswork out of having to figure out what to do like using a recipe, measuring servings, and planning what to eat. Since all is packaged, for the next 28 days, all you have to do is grab a box, take a minute or two to prepare it, and eat.

The variety that WonderSlim provides you is tremendous. Meal Replacement Bars, Puddings, Pretzels, Pasta, and Sloppy Joes. There are even WonderSlim Weight Loss Pills which are safe, legal, and highly effective, even better than Bangkok Pills!

If you ever stopped dieting because you got hungry, found it too bothersome to prepare the food, or gave up because of the cost, WonderSlim could be the perfect diet plan for you.

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