Alright people, if you have followed my reviews on P90X and Insanity, you know I like to workout hard. I also like to change it up, and if I can find something that takes less time with the same benefits all the better! So I am a fan of BeachBody and especially of Tony Horton. One night I see the infomercial for 10 Minute Trainer. Normally I would have been like “yeah right, what kind of gimmick is this”. BUT, because it was a Tony Horton product I was interested. I started asking some friends about it, and the same friend who “sold” me on P90X had positive things to say about 10 Minute Trainer.

Now I am going to be totally honest here, I was still very skeptical as I placed my order, especially because I had worked my butt off in P90X and Insanity and I did not want to lose the results. So here's the thing about 10 minute trainer, there are a total of 5-10 minute workouts. It's a 7 day a week, 4 week schedule where you can choose to do 1, 2 or 3 of the workouts per day depending on your time or maybe even your level of fitness. Worried about maintaining my current level of fitness I opted for the 3 a day. The first day I was surprised that I could get my heart rate up and burn so many calories in only 30 minutes. But I thought for sure my body would get used to the workouts and the routine, but it didn't because of the way they mix and match the workouts.

Now I said you can choose 1 to 3 workouts per day. If you are just starting to exercise, 1 a day or even 3 a day is totally possible. What really makes the workouts effective is your level of fitness. It's simple, the more you workout, the more fit you become. The more fit you become the harder you can push your body. So for this to truly be successful you have to make the effort to increase your level of intensity as you continue through the program. And what's great is you can start with 1 a day and progress up to 3 (or if you're like me do all 5 in 1 day but totally not necessary to see results). Not only that, if you are short on time one day you can surely squeeze in 10 minutes for just one workout!

If you're kind of a fitness junkie like me, but you want to take a little break from your hardcore workouts without sacrificing any of the results and while maintaining your weight, this workout is for you! I was honestly surprised at the end of the month that I had retained all my muscles as well as maintained my weight and level of fitness.

The best part about 10 Minute trainer, aside from it's affordability, is all you need is an exercise band and you get that with the DVD's. I have a few exercise bands so I can decrease or increase the intensity of certain exercises for max results. Plus you can take your workouts with you wherever you go. I still travel a lot so it's convenient for me, even when I'm on vacation. Let's face it, most of us eat more but skip the workout when we're on vacation. No more guilt, just wake up 10 minutes earlier or stay up 10 minutes later!

After completing my 4 weeks I now rotate my 10 Minute Trainer workout with P90X and Insanity. However, I am always interested in other workouts so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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