ShamWow has a pretty amazing commercial, I actually got excited the first time I saw it

Just in case you haven't seen the commercial, watch it here, it's hilarious.

After seeing the commercial about five times, I decided I'd order them and try them out and see if they lived up to the hype. So I created my own ShamWow review.

I've had good success with some as seen on TV products in the past, but before it even arrived, I assumed the worse for ShamwWow. When it arrived, however, I was very surprised at the quality.

When I first received my super-towels, the first thing I wanted to do was reenact the commercial and soak up a bunch of water from a bowl.

Things look a lot nicer on TV with camera angles and video editing, but my little test worked surprisingly well. The little towel actually soaked up a ton of water.

The next thing I tried was soaking up soda from the carpet. I didn’t, of course, the carpet in my living room, just in case it didn’t work, but I tried it on a scrap piece of carpet I had sitting in the garage. It was fantastic, the ShamWow pulled up the cola before it had a chance to stain the carpet. If I catch the spill soon enough, I bet I'll never have a stained carpet again.

The ShamWow was extremely absorbent, but I also wanted to see how durable they were.

I have washed a few of the towels in my washing machine twice and they still seem to hold up really well. I didn’t pay any attention to the ShamWow guy and his 10-year warranty until I saw that they might actually last that long.

Having a ShamWow towel in my kitchen has saved me a bunch of money on paper towels. It also cut down on the amount of garbage I throw out. Which I love since it's so good for the environment.

ShamWows really do work well and, as dorky as it is, I honestly said "wow" the first time I used one my ShamWow towels.

Do not order ShamWow from TV because you can find them cheaper online.

You can order ShamWow online