Pedi PawMy dog is kind of old, kind of fat and kind of dumb, but I can't help but love him. Recently I nipped the quick of one of his toenails and I still don't think he's forgiven me, I know I still feel bad about it. I really don' want the pooch scratching my newly finished floors, but would almost rather have ugly floors than hurt Hero again.

As the as seen on TV products started playing non-stop for the holidays, I saw this commercial for the Pedipaw pet nail clipper – well it's actually sort a pet nail grinder or sander.

I know I have a soft spot for neat gadgets like that, and didn’t expect much from it but decided I'd pick it up online and give it a try at least. And hey, if $20 could keep my new $300 refinishing fresh, I would be quite happy.

I also saw that I could get a pet grooming brush with the PediPaw, but since I already had one I decided not to get it.

It arrived a week or so later and I tried I out right away, after all my floors weren't looking any nicer.

I was surprised to see how solid it felt. I really expected it to be another flimsy little gizmo. It was about the size of a screwdriver and just had one simple on-off switch. Hero did not like the sound at all at first, but I appealed to his gut with a treat and he calmed right down.

He just sat there looking his lazy self as I gave him a little pet pedicure. Compared to the normal pet nail clippers I'd used, it was a pretty pain free experience for everyone. The see-through top made it easy to see where his nail was.

There was no mess either, all the filings are kept inside the see-through top. I didn't have dog toenails flying anywhere either like with my cheap old toenail clippers.
Maybe next time I'll pain his nails too and make it a doggie spa day.

The only downside was how long it took, the PediPaw has will slow down if you press on the nail too hard – a safety feature to keep from grinding into the quick of the nail. It took longer than I thought the first time, probably because I'd let the nails grow so long in the first place.

I've used it several times since then on a more regular schedule and it didn't take nearly as long since the nails were much shorter. The actual grinding surface looks pretty durable and I imagine it will last for a long time, but I'll have to update this review after I use it for a month or so.

I just typed in "pet nail grinder as seen on TV" and found this spot to buy Pedipaws online.

I thought it would make a nice Christmas gift for pet lovers, but I had all my shopping done months ago!

Here is the best deal to order PediPaw online

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