Wow I never realized I could seal a tear without sewing it back together. The bonding agent is so easy to use and seamless compared to stitching. Stitching can be painful and ruin the original appearance of the fabric, the Mighty Mend It retains the same look and strengthens the new bond. My brand new leather couch was torn during the move, the Mighty Mend It sealed the tear and made it brand new again.

Your child's favorite toy may have a tear, it is an easy fix with the Mighty Mend It. The Mighty MendIt can endure stretching and washing abuse without opening the tear. It is reliable enough to be used to seal a parachute seam. Forget about stitching a tear in fabric, just seal it with Mighty Mend It. I always carry my Mighty Mend It with me where ever I go, just in case.

Mighty Mend It

Brought to you by the famous Billy Mays, the Mighty Mend It has an unnoticeable clear finish that bonds quickly. I have used the Mighty Mend It to seal my camping tents and mosquito nets. Leather seats may crack or get punctured, I would use the Mighty Mend It for an unnoticeable seal. Other fabric glues may leave stains and dissolved over a period of washes. I still wear my favorite jeans till this day because of the Mighty Mend It. Use the Mighty MendIt on any dry surface.

If you try the Mighty Mend It today, it will include the free bottle of the Mighty Gem It. The Mighty Gem It can add bling to any dry surface. The complete package comes with three standard bottles, one travel sized bottle and a free Mighty Gem It.

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