More and more people are now interested in owning electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you’re one of these people then you have to remember that electronic cigarettes differ from one another and finding the one brand that can provide you the satisfaction you want is important.

One popular electronic cigarette brand in the market nowadays is the Miami Cigs. Considered as the top choice among the users, Miami Cigs are tar-free, tobacco-free, odor-free, and the cartridges come in various nicotine strengths. Miami Cigs cartridges go through vigorous testing before they are made available for purchase. This is to make sure that users get more vapor and never miss a puff. Each Miami Cigs cartridge can provide approximately 250 puffs, which is equivalent to consuming a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes.

If you’re looking for something new then the flavored Miami Cigs cartridges are a treat. Miami Cigs come in 4 unique flavors, which can add a new twist to your vaping experience. The flavor cartridges come with built-in atomizers so worrying about atomizer cleaning or maintenance is not a problem.

Miami Cigs are available in three starter kit packages; premium cigarette kit in black, cigarette kit in white, and the economy kit. Both the premium kits in black and white include a hard plastic carrying pack that can hold your MiamiCig and 5 cartridges. This pack can also charge your batteries while on the go so your Miami Cig is ready to go wherever you are. Your kit contains two electronic cigarette batteries made from the latest lithium ion technology and a 5-pack of flavor cartridges also included with your kit. The pack also comes with two chargers; a USB charger and a wall charger for easy charging of your on the go carrying case.

Even if you are on a tight budget you can still have your own Miami Cigs by choosing the economy kit. This kit is cheaper than the premium kits and contains an electronic cigarette battery (Black or White), a USB charger, and 5-pack of flavor cartridges in the strength and flavor that you like. Similar to the premium kits in black and white, the economy kit also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty.

Miami Cigs electronic cigarettes resemble real tobacco cigarettes but make use of rechargeable batteries and disposable cartridges that contain nicotine. Miami Cigs, high quality and great vaping experience as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Grab your own Miami Cigs now and enjoy every minute of it.