I saw a late-night infomercial a long time ago for the Iron Gym pull up bar, and it looked pretty good.

But lately I've been trying to get more active so I can actually keep my weight in control. So I decided to give the Iron Gym a try.

I thought I might goof around with the Iron Gym then give it to one of my guy friends after I got bored with it. I was surprised when I got it and actually really found it straightforward and a little fun!

It feels so good to really get your muscles going, but I hardly have the time to go to the gym or jog outside. I usually use some little free weights that I got at a garage sale a while back, but even after working out, it didn’t seem like they did anything. I found that the Iron gym really helped me get an intense workout without taking a long time.

Watch The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Commercial Video As Seen On Tv

The first time I used it, it was quite apparent that the bar was designed by someone in the military, there is nothing you don't need, but all the features you could want in a compact little thing.

I used the Iron Gym As Seen on TV (of course) to find a good routine for myself:

  • I hang the bar from my door and do two kinds of pull ups
  • I drop the bar on the floor and do crunches
  • I do as many pushups as I can after I can't do any more crunches
  • Finally, I go back to crunches to really target my midsection

This all takes less than 15 minutes and really helps me get my blood going in the morning before work.

Sometimes, I also use the Iron Gym Ab Straps to do some floating crunches after work. But they're super intense, so I've got to have a lot of energy after work.

Once I'm done working out, I just put the Iron Gym bar behind my door and go on with my day. Best of all, it didn't mess up my doors or need to be mounted.
I really can't recommend it enough, you could even bring it into the office for a quick lunch-break workout to battle the mid-afternoon slump.

Click Here to order the Iron Gym pull up bar and see how easy it can be to really get a good workout fast.

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