HipHopAbsThe Hip Hop Abs dance workout DVDs seemed like a good way to get fit and learn how to dance without embarrass myself in front of other people. just thinking of trying this stuff in public makes me nervous, plus I am just lazy.

I have used many different acai berry pills and colon cleanse supplements with great success but I am still needing to build and shape more muscle tone.

Looking for the most dynamic work out in the shortest time, I found the perfect exercise program for me and I decided to order the Hip Hop Abs DVDs as my source of exercise. The Hip Hop Abs program had several different work discs, each disc specializing on certain muscle groups.

I started with the basic cardio-workout after about half an hour I became exhausted. I used up a lot of my spare energy and learned a few dance moves. I woke up the next morning with my abdomen and thighs still burning. I especially enjoyed the fact I could do this anywhere, not in a gym surrounded by others. Out of the four discs I enjoyed the Total Body Burn it was about forty five minutes of non-stop, fast paced, fun. If one session wasn't enough I would start the Hips, Buns, Thighs work out.

The last few times I went out dancing, I impressed my friends with the new moves and didn't breaking a sweat. I could dance for much longer periods of time while enjoying myself. The Hip Hop Abs set came with a Nutritional Plan, about three hours of dancing and a program guide. The videos greatly improved my stamina, health and social life. I used to be wiped out after twenty minutes of dancing, now I can dance all night. Take a look at this sample video clip from the Hip Hop Abs workout.

I can absolutely feel the burn after a hard dance work out and it feels great. I forgot what it feels like to be so active and I am loving every minute of it. I can already feel the firm in my abs developing. Maybe there are words to describe how good it feels after just a few minutes of Hip Hop Abs workout, but I cannot think of anything other to say that I just feels good as heck.

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