GoChi Goji juice is a beverage that serves as a dietary supplement. It’s a juice –a tasty one – that has proven to be very beneficial for its drinkers. In fact, when you look at the booklet that comes included with your bottle, you can read up on the studies that have been performed.

Scientific findings have shown that Goji juice significantly helped in the following areas, when compared with a placebo: overall health (chi), memory, energy, alertness, sound sleep, emotional stability and overall satisfaction.

When it’s broken down, the findings don’t sound all that scientific, but I’m not looking at the “reports” included with my bottle of juice. Instead, I’m just calling to attention the benefits I’ve personally felt. With just a half a cup of the juice every morning, I have experienced a long-lasting energy that, quite simply, drives me. I’ve taken pretty much everything that is supposed to get you through your day – coffee, extremely sweet energy “rock star” drinks, a variety of teas, cigarettes and even caffeine pills – because I was holding down two jobs and was getting very little sleep.

My sleep problems were caused by a restlessness at night that resulted in a general lack of rest. I was operating on less than 20 hours of sleep a week, on average. Then, when I was at work, I’d snack on carbohydrates throughout the day to keep my head afloat.

Obviously, it wasn’t long before I realized that I needed a change. I looked into Acai berries, but didn’t plan on losing weight. So, I went with Goji juice instead. I did some research found a reputable brand (Go Chi) and, after three bottles, the 15 pounds and 3 inches (around my waist) that I’ve lost are just a pleasant bonus prize. Not only did I reduce my intake of the junk food I was craving, I was better rested and my sleep was back on a schedule.

And speaking of schedules, my digestive track was running like clockwork. I was truly feeling satisfied with a meal, from the time it entered my body to the time it exited. Of course, I should also mention that I’ve used some colon cleanse in my day.

My work, both in the office and out of office, began to make me feel good again. I was experiencing a sharper mind and had positive energy to boot.

I can definitely say that I feel healthy and that I convey healthiness. It’s amazing what just a small amount of GoChi Goji juice has done to improve my life.

I would recommend GoChi Goji juice to anyone who wants to feel good as I do.

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