So, by now, you've probably heard something about a GameFly coupon or seen a commercial among the deluge of ads on television. But is it really all that they say it is? Is it the Netflix of videogames?

Short answer, yes, but it's not quite the same. I decided to check out one of the many free trials, and have to say I was quite impressed.

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UPDATE: You do not need a coupon code to get the free trial.

I made myself a member account and began adding games immediately. And within two days, I had my first game. I was, however, surprised to see what it was, since I had something different at the top of my game queue. That's how it's different from Netflix, will send you whichever game is ready, not necessarily the first one in your queue. I was, surprised that the first game I got was one of the newest hot games for the Wii at the time, instead of an old Game Cube port that I had in the No. 1 position.

A day after that, my second game arrived in the mail. I have to admit, having two free games sitting on my floor with the promise of more on the way had me playing video games like a maniac. After two days, I beat the first game and sent it off with the postman. The third game took a little bit longer to arrive – three days. It seemed long to me but I was used to my Netflix movies coming in two days at maximum and was probably slightly spoiled. I also read later that GameFly gives preferential treatment to paying customers, and sometimes sends games to free trial members at a slightly slower rate.

When the third game came, I was quite happy to find that, like the other two games, was scratch free. I expected to find GameFly's games were scratchy and unplayable, like games I'd gotten from rental stores in my neighborhood. Not once during my free trial did I have any problems playing a game, only problems staying awake at work.

As for the selection of games, I was impressed. I expected GameFly to have the big games and the classics, but I found games that I had never heard of. I was very glad GameFly had user reviews embedded in the site, giving me the heads up on games that weren't as good, especially since I was trying to get the most out of my GameFly free trial.

At the end of my free trial, I had made it through a total eight games of – including a weekend out of town, which I thought was astounding for free offer. I easily saved over $300, even if I bought the games used I couldn't dream of finding that deal in a store.

The only downside I saw was that the packaging was hefty; it actually got stuck once in my tiny apartment mailbox. That was, however, when it was already packed with other mail since I was opting to play video games instead of check my mail.

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