Ouch! Was your flash drive accidentally dropped in water, dropped on the street and run over, or came apart from wear and tear? Or you just found out one day that the files inside were corrupted by a virus or some unknown reason? Imagine if that flash drive had your precious vacation photos or invaluable work files! Whatever the cause of its being corrupted or damaged, recovering those files is no longer a big problem! Send your flash drive to Flash Drive Pros and they will see to it that your precious documents and files are recovered intact, speedily, and at a very affordable price compared to other data recovery sites that charge several hundreds of dollars.

If you carry work files and other valuable documents in your flash drives, you just can’t afford to have them corrupted or damaged accidentally. And yet, accidents do happen to flash drives. There are so many horror stories of flash drives corrupted or damaged physically, rendering the data inside useless or irretrievable. You can always try to recover them yourself but inexperienced users could lose the data permanently; instead trust Flash Drive Pros to recover all your files intact.

The process is quite simple at Flash Drive Pros. Just send over your flash drive to them in a protective envelope. They recover your files, encrypt it before putting it into their secure server so that only you can read them, permanently destroy those files once you’ve retrieved them online, then permanently destroy the flash drive as well (unless you ask it to be shipped back to you for a fee).

All brands and models of USB flash drives can be recovered by Flash Drive Pros and they will even ship the item back to you or send it to another facility for free if they are unable to retrieve your data. But there’s little chance of that happening because they are hitting a 94% success rate in data recovery. Their  engineers are highly trained in data recovery techniques.

And here’s more. Flash Drive Pros also has an application, FDP Sync, which automatically syncs your flash drive’s files into a backup folder on your PC. That way, even if your flash drive ever crashes on you, you’ve got the backup to fall back on.

Put your mind at ease. Go ahead and store music, photos and files in your flash drive without fear of it being wiped out by some freak accident. Flash Drive Pros stands solidly behind you to help you out any time.