Like most people today, I have slowly become a health freak. Controlling my overall health really has been quite overwhelming, daily vitamins ,regular exercise, and a healthy diet used to consume the majority of my time. Lately, I have been using VIBE as my daily vitamin source, it is a liquid supplement that has made life easier.

Before I began using Eniva Vibe I took serveral daily supplements, drank a home made vegetable juice and exercised for half an hour. Now I take Eniva Vibe and a bottle of water to go, the best part about Vibe is it tastes great.

The first two weeks I felt great, I could wake up before the alarm clock and get out the door before I knew it. With Eniva Vibe I felt younger everyday, I could take the stairs up to work without breaking a sweat. Everything from skin tone to attitude seemed brighter, I didn't feel bad about giving Vibe to my children taking because it tastes like fruits. My kids have theirs mixed in a cup of water in the morning with no complaints.

Before I got the free trial of Eniva VIBE I did my research on the nutritional facts. To my surprise Eniva has all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals and any unlike other supplements, VIBE is engineered to be absorbed by the body. This liquid supplement begins with USP 23 grade water, another definition of USP 23 is hospital grade water. Because Vibe is water soluble it can add flavor to an ordinary bottle of water. After discovering the many other ingredients known to fight off common aliments today, I quickly ordered my my free trial paying under six dollars for shipping costs.

I found out taking one ounce of Eniva Vibe is the equivalent to eating a grocery bag full of health foods. Each ounce contains the same amount of antioxidants found in thirty-five cherries. Vibe is packed with many other nutrients like Calcium, Zinc, and vitamin E. Vibe has been designed to be easily absorbed by the body, every vitamin and mineral ready to be carried off in the the blood stream. Anything that enters the stomach must dissolve and be broken down into a cellular level.

Eniva Vibe is the only supplement already broken down ready and for the body to absorb.

I would definitely recommend Eniva VIBE

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