Colon cleansers have been getting a lot of attention for some years; pop diets have all but ignored the products since the details of the diets are pretty gross, but a lot of people swear by their results.

If you’ve seen the infomercials it does look like they do plenty. I won’t go to the nasty details, but the video testimonials always include a long string of really disgusting looking junk that the colon cleanse… unclogs.

I wanted to try it out, it sounded like a fairly easy way to clear out a lot of gunk after a stressful week of fast food and snacks. I had been on a good diet, but that kind of fell to the wayside when I got a lot more responsibilities at work.

Colon Cleanse health benefits may include:

  • Stop Recurring Headaches
  • End Constipation
  • Slow Food Cravings
  • End Mood Swings
  • Boost Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Prevent Colon Cancer
  • Ease Embarrassing Gas

Basically, colon cleanse supplements act as a very high-fiber brush that dislodges whatever might be covering the walls of your colon. Think of it as a chimney sweep for your colon.

I did some research and did find a couple of possible catches to the products. Firstly, since the FDA doesn’t regulate colon cleanse products, it’s essential to find a reputable source for a good supplement. Second, it’s key to find a natural colon cleanse supplement.

Some colon cleansers contain harsh chemicals that while they speed up the process, can really hurt your body. Third, the supplement must contain healthy bacteria. Since they’re so powerful, colon cleansers also remove healthy bacteria that are essential to your health. It’s vital to replace those bacteria or your body won’t absorb and digest food as well.

Despite all my research, I could never find a definitive answer to my question: Do colon cleansers work?

I decided to check out a colon cleanse free trial I found online and see for myself whether or not the stuff really worked.

I got my shipment after a couple weeks and decided to try it over the weekend, since I had read that some colon cleansers have a highly laxative effect.

The first day, nothing happened. The bottle said it would take a day or so to start working, but I really wanted some fast results. The second day, however, something started to happen. When I woke up, my morning constitutional was quite large. I took the prescribed two pills in the morning and went on with my daily routine.

By the third day, I had lost five pounds and my stubborn little gut had all but disappeared. The stuff that was coming out of me by the third day, however, was pretty nasty. If you want to look up the pictures, go ahead, but I could hardly bear them.

The weight loss hit a plateau at about 10 pounds after 12 days on the diet, since the only real weight seemed to be built-up gunk inside me. By the third week, the weight stayed the same, but the benefits continues.

I was much more regular and never had those small, inadequate bowel movements. I also had loads more energy and something that I hadn’t read about: I never felt bogged down after lunch.

I feel much better without all those weird toxins and free radicals in my body.

I stopped after the free trial, but the benefits continued long after. Anyway, doctors say you shouldn’t use colon cleanse supplements too much. But for a quick and easy way to feel better, the colon cleanse free trial worked wonderfully.

Here is the link to the free supply of Colon Cleanse Pro

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