With everyone looking for the great next diet in time for their New Year's resolution to lose weight, I've been seeing a lot of new products that promise to help you lose your gut without a ton of work.

I tried a couple colon cleanse before I saw the ad for Celebrity Cleanse, but what got me about the stuff that it also acted as a detoxifier.

Hyla Cass, a doctor and detox expert said detoxifying your system is key.

"As a practicing physician, experience has taught me that prevention is the best method for health maintenance. Since the digestive system is the first entryway for many toxins and pathogens (such as bacteria and parasites), regular detoxification is a requirement for optimal health," said Cass.

Cass -- who rose to fame by combining natural medicine with modern science and has been featured on CBS news, PBS, the View and MSNBC -- said the system works so well because it fights toxins on all levels.

"I have found Celebrity Cleanse internal cleansing program to be one of the most comprehensive and effective programs available," said Cass.

I already knew that keeping a clean colon was essential to absorbing all the nutrients from my food. But the claims beyond that sounded great.

I ordered a Celebrity Cleanse trial online for $1 and it came in just a week! That's pretty good for a free trial. I once ordered a free sample cookie and didn’t get it for over a month!

The first thing I noticed was how professional the packaging looked. Typically these kinds of things are covered with bikini-clad women and buff guys. It was nice to see how professional they took their product, not to mention how wildly popular it is.

I started my celebrity cleansing diet the next morning. The first thing I noticed was how good the stuff made me feel. I've taken S. John's wort and all those other herbal supplements before, but this was like all of those supplements rolled into one. I had a bunch of energy, wasn't hungry and best of all, I didn't crash or burn out after a while.

The second thing I noticed was how subtle the colon cleanse was. I'd taken other products before, and couldn’t leave the bathroom. I could tell it was working, but it wasn't the brutally harsh chemicals that some colon cleansers have.

On the final day of the trial, my body really seemed to be working well. I never got gassy or felt bloated and my energy never seemed to drain, but I never felt hyper.

I would highly suggest checking out the Celebrity Cleanse trial for $1 and see if you like it.

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