Bug BandOne of the worst things that could happen to you is to be bitten by insects especially when they carry contagious diseases. Before you or any of your loved ones get bitten and experience allergies or illnesses from mosquitoes, horn flies, and other irritating, biting insects, get protection from Bug Band as soon as you can.

The Bug Band has a main ingredient called Geraniol, found in the flower Geranium, which is a strong and effective insect repellent that repels bugs, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, horn flies, and gnats. Unlike ordinary insecticides, the Bug Band has no foul smell. It is fragrantly scented to humans, but it hits biting insects like poison. The Bug Band has different types which include a wristband, pump spray with safety cover, towelettes, and bead bags. Wristbands can be worn by anyone, although it is best for young children and old people who are sensitive to sprays and topicals. The pump spray can be used for the surrounding areas of your home, bedrooms, garden, and car, while the towelettes can be applied on furniture, fixtures, and on your body. Bean bags are easy to store in cabinets, storage drawers, unused luggage, and anywhere else. Whichever type you choose, the Bug Band is safe and effective as it is economical too.

Keep any of the Bug Band products with you at all times. It not only protects you, but you are assured of a safe and healthy environment you can enjoy with your family and friends without fear or worries. Business owners of home and garden products can also benefit from the sale of the Bug Band which is very useful, saleable, handy, and an effective insect repellent for the wellbeing of their loyal customers. Have a safe and healthy life with Bug Band.

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