BedazzlerI got my niece a Bedazzler machine "As Seen on TV" for Christmas, but I decided to keep it all for myself when it arrived at my doorstep.

I left it in a corner of my closet until the holiday insanity finally died down, and had nearly forgot about buying the Bedazzler. I was looking through a little scrapbook I was working on and though, "Oh wow, this is a boring scrapbook." Then I remembered the Bedazzler sitting at the bottom of my closet and thought, "I could really ad some flair to my scrapbook with the Bedazzler."

I tore it open and started reading the directions -- which were super simple. Check out the video if you don't believe me. I was making homemade jewelry in no time.

Within a half of an hour, my boring scrapbook turned into a really fun little book.

I'm really glad I did buy the Bedazzler machine, it really livened up the spaces between the pictures, the little patterns that came with the system were great.

After my scrapbooking, I used the Bedazzler rhinestones to put a little pocket design on my jeans. I really liked the bit of flair it added, and it saved me a bunch of money that I would have spent on a pair of fancy pants.

It was great, the Bedazzler machine came with a mini Bedazzler; which was perfect for a craft day with a friend or the niece to whom you just gave cash.

The Bedazzler came with 150 studs, 50 clear Bedazzler rhinestones, 50 assorted Bedazzler rhinestones and 15 Bedazzler patterns. It was more than enough for a several solid projects. I did wind up getting a few refills for my Bedazzler, since I was going a little hog-wild Bedazzling everything.

Go buy Bedazzler machine, I can almost guarantee you'll be bedazzled by your homemade jewelery.

The only problem I've found is that I've run out of stuff to Bedazzle!

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