3Feet Stand is made in the USA and built to last. This durable stand works with most electronic readers and cell phones, and can last through your future electronic purchases, not just your current device. Why buy a new stand for each device you have? This versatile stand will last longer than the device it holds! 3 Feet is very easy to use, portable and compact.

3Feet is a multi-position stand great when used for a viewing stand and also for a typing or charging stand. There are 4 silicone non-skid rings that will help to hold your device on the stand and also keep it from sliding around on a table. A special slot was designed at the bottom of the front device support to allow any necessary charging cables to pass through for use with some devices.

The 3Feet Stand has two locking angle positions for use as a viewing station and an additional pull out support leg for use as a typing and charging station. The additional pull out support leg provides a good angle for typing, if your have a lighter touch. The iPad is much wider than the base of the 3Feet stand, but this compact stand is well complimented with a separate Bluetooth keyboard.

3Feet Stand

  • Made in the USA
  • Multi-position
  • Folds flat
  • Non-skid
  • Easy to use