ZippiesDo your kids mix up their stuff and end up arguing as to whose it is? Or do you always get confused identifying school and personal things of your kids? There is a better way to organize their stuff. Zippies is an amazing name tag that can be used also to tell kids' personal and school stuff apart. You can now say goodbye to all those kiddie arguments and fights because now, each child can clearly identify which is his.

Zippies are round tags made to look like cute animal faces. There are ten animal faces in different colors and you have the option to buy all ten or a basic set of five Zippies.  On the reverse side of each animal face is a large space where kids can write their names. They are so cute to have and own that each kid will want his own collectible Zippie. Each Zippie has a name. There's Bruno, Chip, Edge, Faina, Flops, Kayla, Paco, Ranger, Tazmo and Wally. Zippies have more uses than as name tags. Attach them to each child's backpack for proper identification. Even your luggage will be easily identifiable on the conveyor belt with Zippies hanging out of them. Use them as keychains with different colors for different keys. Hang important things of your kids on Zippies and clip them to the belt hoop of their pants or shorts. They even look great hanging on the colorful necklaces of young girls. When you have parties and each child has a water bottle, easily sort out which bottle belongs to which child by hanging a Zippie on the bottle's neck. This way, you protect the entire party group from spreading unnecessary germs. The kids will also have a wonderful time playing while their Zippies join in the party fun.

Make the labeling of your things as well as your kids' stuff even more fun with Zippies. There's always a Zippie for every member of the family.

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