ViatorIf you're getting tired of the usual tourist destinations and arrangements done by the commercial travel agencies, how about letting Viator take you off the usual and into an adventurous, well-arranged journey? Viator is the traveler's one-stop shop where you can research, plan and book your destination activities almost anywhere in the world - over 400 destinations in all.

Viator offers adventure destinations, city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, tours for the family, event tickets, day trips and city passes. There are over 5,500 tours and activities in over 400 cities and 80 countries worldwide. There is something for everyone - whether you are a conservative traveler who wants to see the world the usual touristy way or an adventurer looking for extreme adventure. All of Viator's activities are provided by local travel operators. These are regularly reviewed by the Viator team to ensure that their quality remains according to Viator's standards and to ensure that every step of your trip is free of problems, well-arranged and brings you the best memories you could have. Viator covers travel arrangements to all places: Asia, Australia & Pacific, Caribbean, Middle East & Africa, South and Central America, and the USA, Canada and Mexico. Viator gives you the lowest prices possible and actually state on their site that if you find a lower price, they will refund you the difference. They don't charge a fee for cancelling an activity at least 7 days before. Change of travel dates at least 72 hours before departure can be done free of charge as well. You can also earn frequent flyer miles on all qualified bookings.

When you want to ensure that your planned vacation happens without incident and will bring you a lot of good memories without burning a hole in your pocket, you need to trust the experts like Viator to arrange this for you.

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