Traveling is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. However there are instances when emergency situations and other unexpected events may occur, which can ruin your travel. To prepare yourself from all the unavoidable problems you might encounter in your travel, you need to invest in travel insurance like the Access America Travel Insurance.

Why Access America Travel Insurance? Mondial Assistance, a global provider of travel insurance and assistance has Access America as its travel insurance brand. Access America Travel Insurance is designed to meet your travel insurance needs. Having one can save you money, keep your journey safe, and can make your vacation memorable and worry-free.

Before you go on your next trip, why not take a look at the Standard Travel Insurance Plans that Access America Travel Insurance has to offer? These standard plans can cover all types of trips so you have nothing to worry. If you’re a first-time buyer or in a tight budget, you can choose the Access America Basic. This basic travel insurance plan can provide assistance and coverage at affordable price. Its maximum coverage for cancellation or interruption of your trip is $10,000.

For daily domestic and international travels, the Access America Classic is your best option. If you’re going on a cruise vacation, this plan is also your ideal choice as it covers cruises and tours. Children of 17 years of age and younger have free coverage in this plan when accompanied by parents or grandparents.

You have two choices under the Classic Plan, the Classic Comprehensive and Classic Limited. The Classic Comprehensive Plan comes with extensive list of covered reasons. In this plan, trip cancellation has maximum coverage of $50,000 and trip interruption has $75,000 maximum coverage. For individuals using frequent flyer miles, the Classic Limited is the right option. It can provide all the Classic Plan benefits except for the trip cancellation and interruption.

Access America Travel Insurance also offers the Deluxe Plan. Considered a “first-class” travel insurance and assistance, this plan will be able to meet your luxury vacation needs. This plan covers primary medical emergency, business-related issues, personal concierge services, and protection for rental care damage.

The Deluxe Plan includes the Deluxe Comprehensive and Deluxe Limited Plans. If you choose the Deluxe Comprehensive Plan, you get a trip cancellation maximum coverage of $100,000 and trip interruption coverage of $150,000. This plan includes extensive list of the reasons covered. If you’re a frequent flyer and do not need coverage for trip cancellation and interruption then you can have the Deluxe Limited Plan.

Individuals who like traveling on short notice can avail the QuickTrip Protector Plan included in Access America’s Single Trip Plans. Also included in this plan are Drive Protection and Rental Car Damage Protector Plans. Aside from the Standard and Single Trip Plans, travelers can also take advantage of the Multi-Trip Plans from Access America Travel Insurance.

Planning to travel? Get your Access America Travel Insurance now for that memorable travel experience you can have.