Zee eLiquid is 100% made in the USA by by Wisconsin’s Johnson Creek company. Other eLiquids are either made in China or made in the USA by flavoring a "base liquid" that was made in China and then adding flavoring within the USA and calling it USA Liquid.

E-Liquid flavor is as important as the right Ecig, each individual experiences a flavor in a different way and you should explore different liquids. *Please note that a flavor should also be revisited after a week or two after regular tobacco use.* The Flavors you find in Zee Cig eLiquid are NOT your low grade sweet flavors found commonly in ecigs, but a complex and delectable flavor with great thought into each flavor formula.

*Traditional cigarette's leave a film of tar on a users mouth restricting many taste receptacles. A heavy smoker will normally only note sweet and salty flavors lacking the ability to taste subtle flavors, if you stop smoking after about a week all the flavors should be detected by taste.
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Here is a complete list of both tobacco and non-tobacco flavors available from Zee Cigs Smokless Shop
15 ml Bottle Size with Child Proof Cap (excludes starter pack)

    Flavors (All flavors are available in 0mg, 12mg, and 24mg nicotine levels)
    Tobacco Flavors

  • Zig Tobacco - Zee Cigs own custom tobacco blend
  • Favorite Tobacco - many light brand smokers enjoy this tobacco flavor
  • American Premium Tobacco - a favorite by many top traditional American brand smokers, known to provide more of a kick
  • South Carolina Select Tobacco - smooth, rich tobacco flavor of cured tobacco over an oak wood fire with a deep taste
  • Marlb Tobacco - a nice traditional tobacco flavor
  • Southern Select Tobacco - for those who enjoy a lighter tobacco, try Kentucky's best, rich and smooth with delicate floral and bluegrass undertones
  • Menthol Tobacco - standard menthol tobacco taste with distinct tobacco undercurrents similarly enjoyed in many popular menthol cigarette brand
  • Smooth Menthol Tobacco - smooth menthol tobacco taste with light tobacco undercurrents similarly enjoyed in many popular menthol cigarette brands including Marlb Smooth Menthol brand
  • Cuban Cigar Tobacco - this tobacco flavor has many similar undertones noted in leaves used in Cuba with a palatial tobacco flavor, fragrant, with complex undertones
  • Sweet Blend Tobacco - distinctly sweet flavor with light tobacco flavor including slight Caramel and Vanilla undertones
  • Cloves Premium Tobacco - e flavor of a cloves cigarette has always been a struggle to get into an ecig. But this flavor brings you a Djarum Black clove experience
  • Tennessee Tobacco - lighter tobacco flavor with just a slight hint of sweet undertones for a relaxing tobacco experience
  • Dark Vapure Tobacco - taste of strong, dark tobacco, long lasting and sharp with dark cocoa undertones
  • Turkish Blend Tobacco - many popular American tobacco brands such as camels promote this blend. A palatial tobacco flavor, fragrant, with complex undertones
  • Perique Black Tobacco - This flavor has been noted by many as the most similar to real cigarette smoke, something not often found in eLiquids. Perique Black has strong notes to aromatic tobacco flavor
  • Virginia Rum Tobacco - similar to Virginia flue cured tobacco but with a dash of dark rum and other select spices
  • Virginia Select Tobacco - light, mild and aromatic blend of Virginia tobacco’s. If you enjoy lighter spirited tobacco’s this might be the flavor for you
    Non-Tobacco Flavors

  • UmpaLumpa Blueberry - a nice and mellow Blueberry flavor, not overly sweetened or over powering
  • Black Cherry - nice and balanced Black Cherry which many may find it similar to a black cherry soda, this is not a overly sweet flavor
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries - a delectable flavor that starts with a cherry sensation with distinct undertones of Chocolate
  • Michigan Cherry - a blend of traditional cherry flavors and then added other subtle berries smoothes this cherry flavor quite nicely, this is NOT your low grade sweet cherry flavor found commonly in ecigs but a complex and delectable flavor
  • Cloves Premium Blend - e flavor of a cloves cigarette has always been a struggle to get into an ecig. But this flavor brings you a Djarum Black clove experience
  • Orange Creamsicle - a burst of sweet orange followed with a rich sweet cream sensation. This is very similar to the orange creamsicle ice cream flavor
  • Dark Rum Coffee Select - perfect blend of coffee and dark Caribbean rum with toffee undertones makes this an excellent flavored blend
  • Pina Colada - pina colada is a classic Caribbean flavor, great flavor to give your taste buds a little treat
  • Florida Orange - juicy orange valencia flavor followed with a smooth and sweet undertone
  • Spice Cake - a complex flavor that starts with cinnamon and an array of spices commonly found in cakes of great desire, the flavor is completed with slight undertones of maple bringing a sweet sensation to your taste buds
  • Georgia Peach - very smooth peach experience that transport’s you to a perfect summer’s day in the Georgia peach groves
  • Strawberry Bubble Gum - Juicy Strawberry flavor coupled with bubblegum, a nice balance of flavoring that emulates some of the most popular bubble gum flavors
  • Hazelnut Coffee - rich Arabic coffee blend with the distinct taste of hazelnut
  • Vanilla Cinnamon - Vanilla undercurrents compliment the cinnamon spice resulting in a slightly sweet pleasure to the pallet
  • Pure Chocolate - pure rich milk chocolate flavor
  • Chocolate Banana - all of Zee Cig eLiquid flavors are tested for weeks and at times months, this flavor was quoted as an accident, that soon become a favorite
  • Mint Chocolate - a distinct and crisp balance of mint and chocolate
  • Apple 'N' Spice - a wonderful flavor with a nice throat sensation (“throat hit” - see Zee Cigs)
  • Tropical Banana - a nice and mellow banana flavor, this flavor is not overly sweetened or over powering
  • Simply Watermelon - A flavor which is hard to balance. Many watermelon eLiquids seem to be too sweet or too weak. This eLiquid is a nice balance, so much so that this is one of Shawn's favorites
  • Hawaiian Pineapple - a nice and robust Pineapple flavor, this flavor is not overly sweetened or over powering

E-Liquid's main component is normally food grade Propylene Glycol which is an organic compound commonly found in many food products such as a Snow Cone. Alternatively some suppliers use Vegetable Glycerin. Artificial and natural flavoring is mixed to produce a variety of flavors. E-liquids are offered with several levels of nicotine (High, Medium, Low), some contain no nicotine.

Side Note from Shawn with Zee Cigs

[Zee Cigs provides a totally original and high grade eLiquid with premium ingredients for everyone to enjoy. Zee eLiquid contains both Propylene Glycol and Glycerin. No Diethelene Glycol.

The recent negative FDA report showcasing a cartridge with less than 1% of DEG (Diethylene glycol) was manufactured in China and not the U.S.A.. The reason for the presence of DEG is due to the extraction process of nicotine. Tobacco is normally dried using DEG which explains the (less than 1%) product being found in one of 18 cartridges being tested. A valid question would be the amount of DEG found in a tobacco cigarette.
WARNING: Zee eLiquid contains nicotine, a poisonous and proven addictive substance. These products are intended for committed smokers of legal smoking age (18 in the USA) and not by non-smokers, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant or any person with an elevated risk of, or preexisting condition of, any medical condition which includes, but is not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma. If you experience any side effects or possible side effects, stop using this product immediately and consult a physician. This product may be poisonous if orally ingested. Zee eLiquid is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested or guaranteed as such. Zee eLiquid has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.]

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