WhitecloudI just got my White Cloud Electronic Cigarette kit and I immediately fell in love. One of the first things that caught my eye was its slim and clean design, With a blue light at the end that lights up when you puff on it so people won't mistake it for a real cigarette. The most frustrating things for me when smoking a traditional cigarette is not having a lighter or matches to light your cigarette, But with The White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes all you do is screw the nicotine cartridge to the atomizers and start puffing and “POOF” You get your first drag of smokeless nicotine.

WCeCWhite Cloud Electronic Cigarette heats and vaporizes nicotine instead of using fire to burn tobacco letting you smoke in most places that don't allow tobacco cigarettes like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, airports, library, and offices. With no smoke that also means no second hand smoke to stink up your house, Making it a discreet way of smoking indoors

Watch As I Try A White Cloud Electronic Cigarette

WhiteCloudeCigI have tried a many different kinds of electronic cigarettes and none can really satisfy the feeling of a real cigarettes But White Cloud offers only the top quality nicotine mixtures to ensure that you have a smooth and always tasty drag. With the package that I received from white cloud, I received different flavors to try, Currently my favorite is the chocolate, as well different accessories like an USB ecig battery charger that make owning a electronic cigarette very convenient and easy to use.

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