White Cloud Cirrus II E-CigI would like to share with you my family’s experience with the electronic cigarette.

We have always tried our best to have a healthy and safe environment for our children; never do we smoke inside our home for the safety of our little ones. Now, our two children are getting older and starting to gain curiosity about the world around them. One day while out on our patio having a cigarette, I found myself at a loss for words when my three year old son asked me, “Mommy, whats that?” as he pointed to my cigarette.


I have always felt that lying to my children was not the right thing to do, but also only explain what they need to know... Still, I couldn’t think of a response, just an overwhelming rush of emotions of uncertainty in anything at all honest to say that would be positive.

It was from that moment on I decided that it was time to quit. I have had several failed attempts to quit before, only during my pregnancy was I ever able to resist. I couldn’t do it for myself, it was my love for my children that empowered me to resist.

My husband and I talked and looked at several options that we could try together. We went through more money than I would like to say, and many different products that all were just not fulfilling the cravings.

Instead of telling you what didn’t work, trust me, it would be a long list... I would like to share with you some valuable information that has now successfully allowed me to let go of this awful addiction... You ready?... ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES!... Bam! Its as simple as that!

With electronic cigarettes we were able to...

* still allow ourselves to have nicotine
* never smell like a stinky ashtray!
* make an investment that leads us to better health
* start a Disney World fund with all the money we were saving

We tried several different types and brands of e-cigs, and found that just last month White Cloud Cirrus II was the overall best, with exotic flavors like Tobacco, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Espresso, Menthol and Strawberry!

What makes the e-smoke so much more powerful than other methods?

* you don’t have a full lit cigarette, so a puff here and a puff there is okay, there is no fire and no more dangerous lighters laying around!... just a puff and back in my pocket! you don’t feel that you have to sit down and continuously puff you lungs away until its gone like you do with a normal cigarette
* its very convenient, how many times in the past I wanted to smoke a cigarette after getting out of a hectic grocery store run with the kids... I don’t feel guilty anymore, from the stares looking out the car window waiting for me to smoke, just a puff of the Cirrus II and we were on our way home
* my favorite was the chocolate flavor, that's a difficult flavor to get right!

*submitted review

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