valcono ecigsAre you a smoker who’s been looking to kick the habit of regular cigarettes completely, or at least be able to indulge in the full flavor of a regular or menthol cigarette without immediately drawing glares and feeling as though you should be ashamed of yourself. There is no doubt that it is hard to be a smoker these days if your are still smoking traditional cigarettes, but super high quality e-cigs like Volcano Electronic Cigarettes make being a smoker a lot easier, a lot cheaper and a lot more fun.


Volcano Electronic Cigarettes give you the full satisfaction of smoking your favorite cigarette, without producing any smoke or ash, so you can literally “smoke” one where ever you want to. Restaurants, bars, theaters and even friends houses or dorm rooms are no longer off limits – Volcano Electronic Cigarettes let you fulfill that craving without having to struggle to find an acceptable place.

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Want to take your smoking to a different place? Volcano Electronic Cigarettes have great tasting traditional and menthol flavors, but they also have a ton of different and unusual flavors to choose from as well – everything from chocolate to watermelon and pineapple to coconut so you can fulfill your cravings with completely new and unique taste sensations.

Switching from traditional cigarettes to Volcano Electronic Cigarettes can also save you a boat load of money as well – premium cigarettes can cost anywhere from six to seven dollars a pack or more, but Volcano Electronic Cigarettes can provide the same amount of “smokes” for around three dollars – over the course of a year that will add up to be monumental savings. Volcano Electronic Cigarettes offer great taste, complete convenience and plenty of savings, which it’s no surprise that so many people are making the switch from regular cigarettes to Volcano Electronic Cigarettes.

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