The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette
Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette - Stay Warm this winter and vape inside! If you're a regular smoker, you know the health risks you expose yourself to every time you light up. These health hazards extend as well to those around you who do not smoke but inhale the secondhand smoke. In addition, with the proliferation of non-smoking areas, smokers now have lesser places where they will be allowed to smoke.


The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette is an innovative e-cigarette that comes in two pieces: the battery (which contains an LED, a flow sensor, and a rechargeable battery) and a disposable atomized refill (which contains an optional nicotine cartridge and warming engine that vaporizes the solution).  Assembling The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette is so easy because all you need to do is screw the two parts together. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the flow sensor activates the atomizer which heats up the cartridge, creating a vapor that looks similar to the smoke you exhale from a traditional cigarette. The disposable refills cartridges come with nicotine in varying strengths. So if you are trying to quit smoking with your electronic cigarette, this is very handy as you can slowly reduce the nicotine content and wean yourself eventually from smoking. Every disposable atomized refill is the equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes so price-wise, it saves you more money in the long run. The battery, which can last for up to 7 hours on a single charge, comes in different types that can be plugged into a wall, car or USB outlet.

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