South Beach Smoke has gone from a newcomer in the E-Cigarette business to one of the top companies around based on their quality products, services and competitive pricing. South Beach Smoke enhances the convenience of using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional cigarettes by providing them at affordable prices and convenient home delivery. South Beach Smoke admits to having a similar product to other big companies like Green Smoke but through its close relationship with manufacturing and distribution, they are able to offer a similar product for half the price.


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Green Smoke and other companies offer their high quality E-Cigarettes for around $100 a starter kit, while South Beach Smoke offers the an equivalent kit at around $49.99 (other kits start as low as $29.99). When it comes to using E-Cigs instead of traditional cigarettes to save money, there’s no product better than South Beach Smoke. On top of their 50% less cost for e-cigarette starter kits, they offer home delivery program members 30% off monthly shipments of cartridges. South Beach Smoke will definitely help you improve your monthly cigarette budget.

As for the product itself, it produces just as much vapor as the top brands and has a much more realistic look. This helps avoid constant questions from people about what that weird device you are carrying in public. They also have a good selection of flavors and strengths to choose from in their cartridges. Most people start on the highest strength which is “Full Flavored” then work their way down. It’s a good way to eventually wane yourself off of smoking altogether. If you want the vaping without the nicotine, the “zero nicotine” cartridges are great for keeping the habit and getting rid of the nicotine.

The battery is great and the product comes with the option of an extra-long battery and provides for longer lasting use. They also have great accessories for charging the batter which include wall chargers, car chargers and even USB chargers you can plug into your computer.

All in all, South Beach Smoke E-Cigarettes are great for those looking to switch to E-Cigs and save a lot of money. One thing E-Cigarette smokers know is that the E-Cig products can be tricky and having good customer service is the key. South Beach Smoke has real people who talk to you on the phone which is more reassuring than the usual automated answering service most companies have!

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South Beach Smoke Starter Kits start at a rock bottom price of $29.99

    FREE Starter Kits for US Military!
    If you are current and past member of our US Military, South Beach would like to give you a FREE Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - Here is all you need to do:

  • Order a South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit with the option for Free Enrollment in the Home Delivery Program by clicking here.
  • Once you receive your Starter Kit, return to and complete the rebate form.
  • Receive your rebate for $29.99 (the cost of the Premium Starter Kit)
  • If you prefer one of our other, more expensive kits, NO PROBLEM! You will still be eligible for the $29.99 rebate towards the purchase of that Starter Kit.