Regular cigarettes may satisfy your craving to smoke but as we all know, cigarettes are harmful to your health. The Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette allows you to satisfy your craving for smoking without the harmful effects of cigarettes. This new device looks and feels like a real cigarette but uses water vapor instead. Get to enjoy realistic tobacco flavor without the smell of smoke on your clothes or in the air which offends non-smokers.


Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette is a high quality disposable electronic cigarette that is just like the real thing but it does not contain tobacco or tar and will not give off real smoke. It has a micro-computer control circuit battery, an indicator light and a flavor container filterette cartomizer that will not leave your clothes smelling like cigarette smoke. There are no ashes to bother you with, so you can use it anywhere and with anyone around, without worrying about unpleasant cigarette smell. It is a great alternative for people on the go because it can be used anytime, anywhere- even in air-conditioned rooms. The Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette is an inexpensive alternative to real cigarettes and will save you hundreds of dollars every month. That is because each e-cigarette is equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes. Imagine the big savings you get aside from living a healthier life!

When you order the Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette, you get not one, but two disposable e-cigarettes. That’s because when you buy one Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette, you get another one FREE OF CHARGE! Just pay separate shipping and handling fees for the second piece. Each disposable e-cigarette contains 500 puffs and is fully charged and ready to use. You get the same great Cartomizer as the regular Smoke Assist but without all the other accessories. It is non-refillable and disposable and is available in Regular or Menthol flavors.

Enjoy the convenience of smoking without the guilt with the Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette. You will never have to leave the room, look for an ashtray, worry about cigarette breath and be concerned about what cigarettes will do to your health and to the health of those around you. Have more fun with the Smoke Assist Disposables E-Cigarette and watch your friends enjoy having you around even while you smoke.