No Smoke Electronic CigaretteDo you frequently feel the urge to light up but could not because you are in a no-smoking zone? Many smokers are confronted with this dilemma time and again both at work and in public places like restaurants. Now, smokers are being offered a tar-free way to enjoy smoking and getting that nicotine fix while still conforming with the "no smoking" prohibitions. No Smoke Electronic Cigarette will give you the freedom to light up anywhere and any time you wish and still keep you feeling peaceful that you are not affecting anyone near you with secondhand smoke which has harmful side effects.


No Smoke Electronic Cigarette is an e-cigarette that looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette but without its harmful smoke effects. No need for you to deal with ashes, stubs or cigarette smells and you need not worry about yellowing teeth either, a usual effect of smoker. When you puff on No Smoke Electronic Cigarette, microelectronic technology, a smart chip controller activates the built-in lithium battery and heats the liquid nicotine solution in the atomization chamber. You get the nicotine fix while the water vapor is expelled from your mouth, lookin much like the smoke expelled from real cigarettes. With your order of No Smoke Electronic Cigarette, you get 15 high-strength tobacco-flavored cartridges, a rechargeable battery, charger adaptor, 12 months manufacturer replacement warranty and a manual. Each of these cartridges is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. That is a lot of savings compared to buying the real thing! And in addition, you get the freedom to puff on that e-cigarette in places that ban smoking the real cigarettes. You need not go outside a building or look for smoking areas anymore.

Smoke the healthier way and do so wherever and whenever you like with the No Smoke Electronic Cigarette.

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