Njoy Ecigs

The NJOY Cigarette is one of the most affordable electronic cigarettes on the market that features the newer two piece designed models.


The electronic cigarette is designed to deliver a vapor form of nicotine. The NJOY e-cig uses a battery to vaporize water, nicotine, scent's or flavors and propylene glycol -- a common ingredient in food coloring, and flavoring, also used to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist.

The taste is very important too, the NJOY electronic cigarette takes special care to mimic correctly the taste of tobacco -- though it also comes in several specialty flavors. It also has a barely noticeable smell like tobacco, but unlike tobacco smoke, it won't stain your fingers, stink up your clothes or give you breath like an ashtray.

NJOY cigarettes are also a lot cheaper -- a lot cheaper! NJOY provides smokers an alternative in places where smoking is regulated. Use of NJOY depends on your location - it may or may not be prohibited by statutes or ordinances that otherwise prohibit smoking.