Joye eGO electronic cigaretteWant the best electronic cigarette to go? Compact and handy, with a battery life longer than the average electronic cigarette, the Joye eGO is the ideal one to use for people who frequently travel and don't want the hassle of lugging around a large kit. This kind of e-cigarette kit might be the most superior one yet and it is designed with the needs of the traveler in mind.

Sleek, neat and complete, this e-cig kit is the one that you can carry around with you. An electronic cigarette has a number of accessories and it might be a problem for you to organize them in one small holder. The Joye eGO electronic cigarette set will eliminate the worry of having to get everything ready to vape when you have to leave your home. Just pick it up and you are ready to en-Joye on the go.


The Joye eGo is an e-cig starter kit which contains:

2 eGo/510 atomizer
2 manual switch 650 mah batteries
1 atomizer cover
1 wall charger
1 usb adapter
5x prefilled cartridges
  • 2 eGo-510 atomizer
  • 2 manual switch 650 mah batteries
  • 1 atomizer cover
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 USB adapter
  • 5x prefilled cartridges

The other advantages that you have when using this best electronic cigarette is that the batteries are long lasting which means that it requires less recharging. There are 2 kinds of rechargers in the Joye eGO e-cig kit, one that will fit nearly all standard wall sockets and a USB charger that can be plugged into the USB port of most computers.

The e-Juice is not included in this starter kit and it is up to you to decide which among the over 100 flavors of Joye e-Juice to use. What is great about the Joye e-Juice is that aside from the standard flavors that most other brands don't have like cherry, lemon, beer and champagne, they also have unique tasty treats like Cheesecake and Marshmallow. The e-Juice that you buy can also be combined to make your own unique Joye eGO e-cigarette flavor combination.

ego2-w150-h150When it comes to vaping, Joye electronic cigarette products simplify the process and makes it more pleasurable. En-Joye this brand of e-cigarettes and bring along your new Joye eGO wherever you go.

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