GreenCig Smoke E-Cigs ReviewI am saving money. I am using electronic cigarettes. I made the choice. Why don't you make the right decision and use GreenCig Smoke E-Cigs? I won't waste your time extolling all the virtues that electronic cigarettes have. You are old enough to know what's bad and what's not. I have reached my retirement age and have been advised by many people including my doctor on what to do.


I have an regular breakfast group and most of us smoke pipes and cigars. Our conversations start off with clearing our throats of the phlegm build up and we are all what are called "hard-headed old foggies" by our grandkids. We never listen to anyone. It's a habit we couldn't break.

During one of our breakfast meetings, a member of our group showed us what his son gave him as birthday present. It was a GreenCig Smoke electronic pipe. He demonstrated it to us and after all the heckling had died down, there was a moment of silence as we were all thinking about it.

To cut this long story short, I made the switch to GreenCig Smoke electronic products and my grandchildren are so happy. My wife? She just smiles and recharges my pipe so that it is always ready for me.

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GreenCig Smoke E-Cigs Review