Green Smoke Electric CigaretteIf you find yourself wanting a cigarette when you can't have one then you will want to learn all about the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette. This wonderful cigarette will allow you to smoke anywhere and at anytime, it will not let off smoke which will cause other people to become bothered by your smoking. You will be impressed by how real this electronic cigarette seems. It tastes and feels just like a real cigarette, it even lets off a vapor that looks just like real smoke. The people around you may even think that you are smoking a real cigarette, you will have to inform them yourself that you aren't.


Another great thing about the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette is that it will help you to quit smoking if that is what you are trying to do. You will be able to purchase the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette with different nicotine levels, this means that you will be able to work your way down so that you will be able to wean off of the cigarettes completely. You will also appreciate knowing that you are smoking a cigarette that is much more friendly for the environment.

Never before has it been so easy to smoke guilt free in public. Many times people find themselves indoors, or even outdoors, yet in areas where they may not feel comfortable smoking due to laws, children, or other people which may be around. When you have the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette you won't have to worry about this, you will be able to smoke your electronic cigarette in any place and this includes indoors and outdoors. There is no reason that you should have to hide to smoke, or why others should be bothered by your smoking, now everyone can be happy.

The Best Things About Green Smoke E-Cigs

  • Green Smoke cigs produce a TON of vapor which is pretty satisfying if you just quit smoking cigarettes.
  • The flavors are smooth and enjoyable if you are looking for a tobacco alternative.
  • Not too heavy and feels comfortable when you hold them. I've tried other e-cigs which were just really heavy.
  • Green Smoke has great customer service while some other ecig companies don't even have a customer service phone number and make it very hard for you to contact them. The fact that Green Smoke has great customer service already makes them one of my favorite companies. This is something you may not appreciate until you deal with a company that is completely horrible at customer service.

The Wort Things About Green Smoke

  • The cost more than other e-cigs. UPDATE: Their prices have gone down a lot since I first wrote this, you can also save more with coupon codes posted below or others have posted in the comments.
  • Green Smoke has 4 great flavors, but that's it. Luckily I have also been ordering juice from another company that I can refill my used Green Smoke cartridges with. Not necessarily a bad thing, I just like to experiment with other flavors while some people just stick to one flavor.

Green Smoke Coupon Codes

SAVE MONEY: Use coupon code disc10-5510 for 10% discount on orders over $100. Use coupon code disc5-5510 to get 5% off all other orders.

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