ESmokeFreedomThere are a number of electronic cigarettes on the market today, virtually all of them are a healthier and safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and most of them can save you a substantial amount of money per year on the overall cost of your smoking habit – but few are as innovative in design and as affordable as those offered at


The electronic cigarettes from are available in two sizes – a “super mini” which is compact in size, easier to handle and closer in actual size to a traditional cigarette. This version produces great flavor and plenty of vapor for an e-cigarette of its size. The larger version of electronic cigarette from (the Tango)is a bit larger, but still very compact and easy to handle when compared to other brands, and it holds up to three times as much fluid as the smaller “Trilogy.”

Both sizes are equally as easy to use and both will save you upwards of sixty percent or more versus a comparable amount of regular cigarettes – so regardless of your personal preference you’ll be saving plenty of money. If you want to eventually kick the smoking habit, just might be able to help you there too. Electronic cigarettes from come in four different strengths ranging from a full flavor cigarette to a light, then an ultra-light and finally no nicotine at all – by gradually stepping down through the different strengths you might be able to effectively wean yourself for your nicotine habit and give up smoking all together.

Any way you look at it, smoking an electronic cigarette is better for you and for your surroundings than smoking a traditional cigarette, and if you are going to make the switch, you might want to consider switching to one of the top brands on the market –

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