All the other e-cigs are mediocre. Esmoke is a cut above the rest. It gives you quality and satisfaction. You get the results you want and pay less to enjoy it. This Esmoke review will be one of the most beneficial that you have ever read.

If you haven't tried e-cigarettes, today is the day. The reason why you must have hesitated is because you have heard a few things about electronic cigarettes that are low quality. You have found the best e-cigarette and you might want to know why Esmoke is known as the #1 Premium e-cig. There is no doubt about it and you will see after reading this Esmoke review, as you will find out the distinct advantages it will give to you.


The Good

Esmoke is made in the USA. The electronic cigarette facility of this company is located in New Jersey. Each and every battery is tested before shipping to ensure the user of top quality.

Lab tested e-Liquid. The ingredients in the Esmoke e-Liquid are from the purest sources. Each batch is tested by an independent third party. You get an accurate measure for the nicotine level.

Two-piece unit. Most other brands of electronic cigarettes come in 3 pieces, making it difficult for the user to get it ready. Esmoke has eliminated one step and now gives you the latest of these high tech e-cigarettes.

Better air intake. If you ever experience vaping with an inexpensive e-cig, you will know that inhaling is going to be one long drag. With Esmoke, the air flows and your vaping experience will be effortless.

The Wait

The e-Liquid comes in 3 flavors which are tobacco, menthol and vanilla. Other brands have more than Esmoke but the main difference is, their e-Liquid is not lab tested for quality. With Esmoke, you can get the lab results while other brands won't tell you what you are dropping in an e-cig. We just have to wait for the company to come out with more flavors.

The two special types of Esmoke which are the PRO series and the SENSATION series. There are also disposable electronic cigarettes. If you want something a bit more unique, there still is the option to have a Personal Vaporizer.

Use only top quality. For your e-smoking pleasure, buy only at the best electronic cigarette online store.

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