One of the smallest and strongest personal vaporizers, the VAPORMAX - V DRY HERB VAPORIZER + WAX has the latest features that enables it to burn natural herbs with ZERO COMBUSTION! That means steady vapor production while the heat threshold is never exceeded, allowing the herbs to burn in the right way to maximize the load and the draw.

With this zero combustion feature plus the fact that there are no glass screens and other accessories that needs to be fiddled with, the loading process is simplified into a bowl that is larger than most others for a vaping experience that'll last as long as ten minutes! Now, that's a lot of drags!

This herb vaporizer is steady and perfect for stealth mode use. The full charge last for two and a half hours and that means it'll give out sixteen sessions that are ten minutes long and you can power up and enable sleep mode between sessions.

This is to be use with herbs that have been ground and it's to be packed into the large bowl and there's no need to overfill as it has the specially thermostat burning capacity. The cap opens to reveal the heating chamber and you'll slide the bottom cap to reveal the mouthpiece to attach to the heating chamber. The power button is red during the heating process and when it's green, it's ready!

Sleek, discreet, compact, and powerful, with long-lasting vapor sessions, the VAPORMAX - V DRY HERB VAPORIZER + WAX is available in black, blue, green, golden, orange, purple, red, and stainless.