V9 Electronic Cigarette Review Rating: 9 out of 10 based on 214 reviews. V9 has over 10,597 converted smokers and the numbers are growing daily. The V9 brand, also known as VaporNine, has an outstanding product line.

Insufficient research is one of the reasons why electronic cigarettes have not been categorized as a stop smoking aid. Some people do say that it is the tobacco industry that attempts to stop devices from being the alternative cigarette. Yet, the popularity of this product has dramatically escalated in the past few years and it apparently is unstoppable - like progress.


Now, you may see vaping lounges, and many ex-smokers holding onto an electronic cigarette. The most common design are that of the older models that look like a tobacco cigarette and these are typically come in 2 pieces which are the battery and the cartridge that houses the flavor.

In the past few years, tremendous changes have been made to the standard e-cigarette look through technology to give us today one of the best two-piece electronic cigarettes when it comes to design, longevity of cartridge life, and vapor production known as Nebula.

V9's Nebula is available in various sized electronic cigarette kits. The basic kit is the Nebula Express Pack that has a battery, USB charger, and a couple of medium strength cartridges. The bigger kits are packed with extra batteries, chargers, and other essentials. These kits may be customized by picking either short (65mm), regular (78mm), and Monster (102mm) sized automatic or manual batteries and any of their 12 solid colors like white and red.

The newer V9 models are astoundingly upgraded for performance levels and period of use. When most other e-cigs have to be refilled and recharged on a daily basis, V9 has the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the world.

The SuperNova has a tube that is 5 inches long. The MiniNova tube measure 3.75 inches. The features are as follows:

* LCD voltage adjustment screen
* Selectable voltage from 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments.
* 6ml dual cartomizer automatic clearomizer tank system
* Button controls for power, to increase and decrease voltages, and to lock the voltage
* Output regulated for consistent delivery
* Short circuit and atomiser protection
* Reverse battery protection just in case the battery is placed backwards
* Battery monitoring and over-discharge protection
* Battery voltage meter
* Amperage limiting to 2.5amps
* Vent hole on the bottom of the device for added safety.

The Amp XL has the capacity to blast the vapor with the clearomizers tanks that with stylish color matched cones, these electronic cigarettes have the power in its cool sleek design. The features include:

* Click operation button to lock before storing the e-cig
* USB passthrough to be able to use the device while recharging
* Quick charging and long lasting batteries
* 3 Battery sizes which are the compact 650 mAh, the one with size and great capacity which is the 900 mAh, and 1300 mAh which has the longest lasting power among these
* Batteries come in 7 fabulous colors like Tactical Black, Pacific Blue, Gotcha Green, and Sand Trooper

V9 has their special Flavor Bomb E-Juice which are Atomic Apple and Chocolate Winter Blast. The cartridges are to be refilled with any of these sought-after flavors such as Nutty Tobacco, Carolina Tobacco, Cuban Cigar, Hilton Tobacco, Flue Cured (Sweet Tobacco), RY4 (Caramel Tobacco), and Turkish Blend Tobacco. Go minty with various degrees of coolness with terrific flavors like Crisp Menthol, Peppermint, and Nuport Menthol. Try all of the favorite non-fattening flavor sensations like Apple, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Cherry, Chocolate, Cola, Grape, Green Tea, Honey, Juicy Peach, Kona Coffee, Rad Bull, Untamed Strawberry, Vanilla Vice, and Watermelon.

This V9 review presents to you the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the market today. With these kinds of high-tech alternative cigarettes, the numbers of people who are switching to V9 electronic cigarettes is ever-growing and it is among the best brands that one can use to enter sensational the world of flavored vapor.