What’s the cheapest electronic cigarette kit?

With the best value for money in the market, a V9 E-Cig kit can be yours for only $7.95. It has a two-break design that makes it the easiest kind to use. Using this reliable and durable brand instead of traditional cigarettes can save a person at least $100 a month.


Have a nicotine fix where smoking is banned. The urge to light up a cigarette may sometimes be overwhelming. While waiting in the airport or having a drink in a bar, be able to still to get to enjoy the motions and get that nicotine intake by using a V9 E-Cig.

Electronic cigarettes are the only alternative that smokers have to continue their habit in places where smoking is not allowed.

Compute how much money is saved. How many cigarette packs do you smoke in a day? How much does each pack cost? To know exactly the amount saved monthly if the switch is made to V9 E-Cig, input the data and compute using this online calculator.

27 reasons why to make the switch. You might know all the reasons why a person should stop smoking which may not be enough to convince many smokers. That’s because habits are hard to break and nicotine is addictive. Yet, aside from getting to beat the smoking ban, there are more advantages when using V9 E-Cigs. Read the list.

Enjoy the vaping sensation. Guilt-less pleasure when using water vapor. No complaints from society or your doctor. A taste of heavenly chocolate that is calorie free. A kissable breath with a fruit flavor of blueberries, strawberries, or cherries. Variety of taste in just one unit by changing the e-liquid flavor to Cuban Cigar or 4 more tobacco flavors. The taste of coffee the whole day with no need to prepare a cup. With a V9 E-Cig, just drop in the e-liquid flavor.

V9 E-Cig Starter Kits

For less than 8 dollars, you can own a V9 E-Cig starter kit. This particular kit is the most practical choice. If you want more feature and options, there are other e-cig kits to choose from with free shipping.

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