This Tru Smoke review presents an electronic cigarette kit which is a self-contained pack. Tru Smoke is 1 + 1 + 1 and this formula makes the difference.

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Tru Smoke has a 3 piece design.

1 battery + 1 cartomizer + 1 cartridge

The cartomizer has a tip that punctures a foil in each cartridge which then exposes the e-juice to the heating element to turn it into vapor. This means that you are using the same cartomizer each time which may need some cleaning.

These 3 piece design e-cigs aren't as common because the cartomizer may require cleaning. And, when it punctures the cartridge filled with the e-liquid, there might be a few instances that the e-liquid will drip.


Most other electronic cigarette brands such as V2 or Bedford Slims have a built in cartomizer into each cartridge.

The advantage about having a cartomizer separate from the cartridges is that each cartridge will cost you less for refills.

Tru Smoke has refill pack cartridges for about $1 each when other e-cig brands refill cost around $2-4 for each new cartridge.

Tru Smoke e-cig cartridges are available in 5 different flavors which are Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, and Tobacco.

There are 3 nicotine levels of choice which are high (16 mg), medium (11 mg), and low (6 mg).

The self-contained pack of Tru Smoke is a neat option and simplifies the process of recharging the battery. The Tru Smoke e-cig pack has the two-prong wall charger plug integrated into it. These connectors are to be deployed by flicking a switch and clicking it back them away when done.

With other brands, the USB and wall changers need to be attached to the e-cig. Sometime these have long cords. Aside from the fact that these lengths of cords may seem messy, chances are that those kind of chargers may be easily be misplaced.

Automatic, Tru Smoke is activated by simply inhaling it. Other electronic cigarette brands work manually which means that there is a button that must be pressed to start the process.

From the design of the self-contained pack which is flip top, to the look of the e-cig, there is hardly any deviation for what smokers are used to which is good as making the switch is a lot easier as Tru Smoke from pack to e-cig has the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.