Sparki Ecig has an amazing battery that will last for 24 hours. Powerful vaporizing action, it is simply the best brand of them all. Unbelievable clouds of 'smoke' can be generated without the difficult dragging action of older models of Ecigs. What's in it for you? Read this Sparki Ecig review to get this fantastic brand for less than 40 dollars!

Want to chug away like a choo-choo train? Sparki Ecig creates a bigger cloud than traditional cigarettes - and what you blow out and inhale is water vapor. That means a more satisfying experience and a flavor burst sensation. With 12 fabulous eLiquid flavors to choose from, it's time to unplug with this review the Sparki Ecig, the Spark Plug for Smokers.

Sparki Ecig has a mechanical system. This design requiring no wires, circuits, or sensors of any kind. This means that your Ecig won't let you down as a mechanical one is more durable and reliable.

Sparki Ecig has a Power Regulator. Unique, patent-pending, you can control the amount of intake. How a person drags on a cig is different from another, that's why with Sparki Ecig, it may be adjusted to suit your needs.

Sparki Ecig has an All Day Rechargable Battery. This battery will last you 24 hours. That's longer lasting that most of the other brands of Ecigs. Specially design for quick burst, instead of having to puff away at an old-style Ecig until your jaw aches, this one will give you the smooth intake and fast delivery.

Sparki Ecig travel charger fully charges the battery in little as 2 hours. Plugs into a wall socket, and fold the tip to bring it along with you. With Refill Cartridges, you will be thrilled with any of the 12 ELiquid flavors.

Sparki Ecig has Stainless Custom Tips. This will allow you to place the eLiquid flavor directly into the atomizer to make it more flavorful. A more pure burst of flavored water vapor is yours with this feature of Sparki Ecig.

Why use a mediocre Ecig when you can have more? Come, enter the world of flavored water vapor. Be part of the new revolution. Try out Sparki Ecig to enjoy the vaping experience.