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There’s a serious new player in town, and this company doesn’t hold back in letting people know that they plan on taking the Electronic Cigarette industry by storm. South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette products stand up to the name that they have given themselves. A company based out of South Beach, Florida has all the glitz, glam, sophistication and class to give their competitors a run for their money. Their website stands apart from the competition with a very classy feel and compelling presentation on why we should make the switch and purchase our E-Cigs from the new kids on the block. I managed to get a free sample of their Deluxe Kit as well as their Premium Kit and all I can say is that it’s a phenomenal smoking experience. With a motto lik “The Better Smoking Choice!” and a price of $29.99, why would we want any other Electronic Cigarette?

About South Beach Smoke:

The South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette is a revolutionary smoking device that is really simple to use. It looks, tastes and feels like smoking a real cigarette…but it’s not. You puff on it like a regular cigarette, inhaling vapor with your choice of nicotine strength and flavor, minus the harmful tar and carcinogens. IT also has NO smell and NO ash.

Although South Beach Smoke has all the same nicotine strengths like most Electronic Cigarette companies, which range from 0mg to 18mg, their flavors are un-stoppable. Such as Tobacco, Menthol, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla make your mouth water with excitement.

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Premium E-Cigarette

In addition to their flavors, they also are the only major company that offers 2 different technologies. They have an entry level product that is called the Premium. The Premium is built with a 3-part technology that we have seen in the past. It comprises of a separate batter, atomizer and cartridge. I tried the product and got a nice clean draw. It actually got better the longer I smoked it. I didn’t count, but I think I got probably about 300 puffs. The battery lasted all day and the draw was good. It’s not really an entry-level product as the name suggests.

Deluxe E-Cigarette

south beach smokeThe Deluxe e-cigarette is by far the better choice here. Not to take anything away from the Premium (the Premium is better than many products out there), but the Deluxe is the Rolls-Royce of e-Cigarettes. It’s a simple two-part design that is only a re-chargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge that holds the flavored nicotine with a built-in vaporizer. That’s right – the vaporizer (also known as the atomizer) is built into the cartridge so every time you replace your cartridge, you are getting a brand new atomizer along with it. That gives you more vapor, a better draw and quicker satisfaction. Cartridges will last you longer because you don’t need as many puffs or doses to satisfy yourself. Cartridges are a tad more expensive initially for the Deluxe but they last longer and give a better overall experience – bringing the overall cost down.


If you are looking to save some money in this tough economy, you can buy the Premium with confidence knowing you are getting a good product. I was certainly pleased with it. If I hadn’t tried the Deluxe, I would say its among the best out there. However, if you are looking for a better overall smoking experience, the Deluxe is the way to go. Cartridges may be a tad more expensive but they last longer. Also – the company has an optional Home Delivery Program that lets you save not only 30% off the Starter kit, but also 30% off on all cartridge refills – that’s with either the Premium or Deluxe! Out of all of the Electronic Cigarette products I have tried, I can say that no one can top their attention to detail, and creative mind. Definitely 5 stars for South Beach Smoke.

Warranty Information:

SouthBeachSmoke’s warranty is a cut above the rest with their “Perfection Guarantee”. They guarantee that your product will reach your doorstep in perfect condition. In addition they offer a lifetime replacement warranty too.

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