eCig reviews flood the Internet so I thought I would submit my review to tell you what I discovered. As a smoker, I have tried many electronic cigarette brands but as you might know, it's gotta be the one that is okay for you. I mean, I smoke Camels, but those Marl Light smokers won't bum a stick from me... That's the same case with eCigs. The electronic brand has to provide you with the options that you want. Well, here's my review of Smokeless Delite, the electronic cigarette brand that I bought a few months ago.

The choices that Smokeless Delite has is the flavor and strength. Strength goes from high to zero nicotine level and you've got various flavors such as Regular and Menthol. There are other interesting flavors such as Pineapple and Strawberry, these are cool but I do like my Regular Tobacco taste.

What attracted me at first to Smokeless Delite was the Coupon Code available at the site. It gave me a 20% discount. That's quite good considering that the price of the Standard Starter Kit is only $59.95. So instead of getting that, I decided to get the Premium Kit.

We only live once. That's why I do choose the latest and an electronic cigarette brand that is popular. When these eCigs were first introduced, I bought another brand. Since it was not so high tech then, the one I had used was difficult to drag on. It made my jaw get strained. Smokeless Delite is good - it delivers the 'smoking' pleasure to me effortlessly.

When you visit the site, buy using the Coupon Code "flowers2011". Oh, there's something else! Download the FREE eBook, "The Complete Guide To Smokeless Cigarettes" and get more Coupons. Saving money while saving your lungs is a good thing. That's the reason why I made the switch to eCigs in the first place - because we only have one life to live and after 25 years of smoking, it's about time I did something to lessen it. Maybe one day, I can quit cold turkey with the use of Smokeless Delite, but as of now, it's a good way to cut down and get to use an eCig when I can't smoke.